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To install:

  • Ensure you have the latest MediaBrowser installed on the intended PC
  • Head on to the Downloads tab and download and install the latest version of MediaBrowserWS.
  • IMPORTANT: Media Center must be run to initialise the settings – these may be required before you can install a client (such as the web client).


To ensure the service has installed and is running correctly:

  • Start Media Center
  • Wait 5 – 10 seconds for the service to get loaded by Media Center
  • In a web browser on the host PC, head along to http://localhost:40600/MediaBrowserService/web/test and ensure that a page displaying “The service is running correctly” is shown.


Default Values:

The values here can be edited at a later date using the config file (%ProgramData%/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowserWS/WebServiceSettings.xml).

  • The default port is 40600
  • Tracing is turned off my default
  • Showing a dialog to confirm start of the service is also turned off by default


If you have any problems installing/running the service, first check the Troubleshooting page for a solution. If this does not help, then head on to the IssueTracker.

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